sep 262015

Ingestuurd op 25-9-2015 door karin en ray

We are a couple with an adventures sex life. My wife is bisexual (lucky me), and we enjoy very kinky sex. We have often spoke about going to the Netherlands and booking a session with a dominating Mistress, so we just decide to do this! We search the net and found the Domination Palace, and there was Mistress Denise.
My wife chose Mistress Denise immediately! We booked a long session in advance and we were both excited and aroused with what was in store for us!
We arrived at Domination Palace and greeted very kindly by a gentleman that took us in and sat us down at the bar, (very cozy and exciting little room) and he told us that Mistress Denise will be with us shortly and offered us a drink. At this moment i saw the arousing look in my wifes eyes, and I was scared shitless! I was so aroused thinking and talking about this when we sat in the guest room with arousing photos on the wall, I almost panic!
Then Mistress Denise entered and WOW, my arousal returned. We talked about our session and then upstairs to the white room!
We were ordered to strip off all clothes and we both stand there naked. Then Mistress Denise order us both to the shower and she spanked my ass to hurry up much harder than my wife would do, this was a little shocking but very arousing. We showered and then we entered the white room again, naked.
Mistress Denise ordered my wife on the table with the stirrups, spread eagle wide, and she handcuffed me while I watched.
My wife and I enjoy to give each other enemas before we play and Mistress Denise knows this. Mistress make me stand and watch while she give my wife a rectal and pussy exam and I see my wife extremely arouse and I stand there with a full erection i was ashamed of.
She spanked my ass again and said, pay attention! so i obeyed. Mistress Denise will now give enemas! Since it takes much time for us to give each other enemas and rinse out ourselves, Mistress gives us enemas together! My wife is on the medical table with her legs strapped and she ordered me to bend over the table behind my wife, tied me up hard and spanked my ass and gave us both enemas at the same time! When Mistress allow us to go to the toilet, she asks, who goes first? I said, lady’s first…
Mistress command that I release first, so we obey our Mistress. After we had a great bowel cleaning and shower Mistress Denise order us back to the white room. The she order me to get on the table! Now I am scared!
Mistress Denise tied me to the table and said, I am gonna fuck you my way! I was so much aroused and scared. She took a steel rod ( sound) and insert this in my penis and I think..PAIN !
But this was the most arousing experience I have ever had! Mistress Denise have a vibrating thing in her hand and I have never had a climax like this before…WOW!! After this we were taken to another room and Mistress Denise still spanked my ass harder, then my wife and now the feeling is only excitement! We go to another room and I am tied firmly to a post..The wheel.. My wife is tied to a table in front of me and I am tied with my balls tight and forced to watch what is about to happen. I see my wife tied to a table and then Mistress Denise sits on her face and masterbates my wife with a huge dildo and viberator! I am tied up and can do nothing! The sight of Mistress Denise sitting on my wifes face made me premature ejaculate again and I was tied up from my balls to my neck! I know when and how my wife comes and Mistress Denise made her come like a jackrabbit! The sight I got from seeing that was priceless!
I will allways treasure that memory! We are a very satisfied couple now and treasure our memory with Mistress Denise so we allready plan another session with her.
Mistress Denise has changed our lives so much! We have never had better sex times. We cannot wait to have another session with her!!!