jan 252016

Ingestuurd op 25-1-2016 door tvslut sharon

Dear Mistress Denise,

I wish to thank you for the wonderful session!

I have taken time to review events as so much happened!

First of all, I met the beautiful Mistress Denise; who also speaks brilliant English and seems to understand everything, including thoughts in my head!

I really enjoyed the attention as Mistress dressed me as a slut, then applied make up with a dark wig.
I was embarrassed I proved so useless walking in heels.
I loved the teasing by the gorgeous lady in the sexy outfit, reminded of my inferiority by the regular pinching of nipples.
Once returned to the Dungeon downstairs, I enjoyed the restraint, and wished to please my Mistress in the slut training.
Mistress was very kind to use a small butt plug; combined with the dildo down my throat i was immersed in subspace.
This was very important as Mistress arranged for me to give a blow job to a Visitor with a large cock.

I hesitate to discuss my physical failings with the younger lady, but have already admitted to poor hearing.
Due to nervousness, age and lack of fitness I failed to maintain an erection. I am further embarrassed by same.

I travel to Eindhoven infrequently, but am very keen to session with the beautiful lady again soon.

Thank you once again for making the session such an amazing experience!

In admiration,

tvslut sharon